In 1948 at Nationalisation British Rail carried on the build of new locomotives previously ordered by the LMS and in some cases where necessary actually placed additional orders for some LMS designed locomotives these carried an Oval LMS style Built Plate based upon Burn Co Type 45 Type Face. However a set of standard designed locomotives were developed at which point BR in theory standardised its Plates and Type faces. This is true except in the case of Horwich who retained the Burn Co Lettered pattern it had used on LMS engines built under BR.

BR's type face is very light and does not seem that Standard given the variances between works. The best that can be said is that its similar as against the same from each works. It looks like drawings where issued which were followed by each works to the best of their ability.

So effectively there are BR Built type plates for LMS designed locos and BR designed locos, below are two pictures of the the patterns as fitted to LMS designed and another of the patterns as applied to Standard designs-

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