BUILT CREWE 1948 (1st br built crewe pattern)

This pattern is the first pattern of worksplate fitted by Crewe to LMS designed engines still being constructed by BR. Its interesting as the letter style adopted is not at all LNWR in design... it is more or less MR block face and harks back to the LMS Built 1925 plate on this site. It also seems that the pattern maker was having a very off day or the designer responsible for the plate drawing did this as a Friday job!!! Not at all a nice looking plate but rest assured its only around for 1948, a much better attempt being fitted during 1949 & 50. Other BR workshops like Swindon, Horwich and Brighton were forced to adopt a Burn Co style lettering (as adopted by Derby and Horwich for their WW2 LMS Built plates) for LMS designed engines being built in their works, only Derby & Crewe use this return to Midland style from 1948 to 1950.
Basic dimensions in inches- 10 & 1/2 by 6 (Hole Crs 8 & 3/4)
Pattern Rarity- Not Common, 3 seen.
Special Features- Very bunched up BUILT letters, MR style letters.

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