This pattern is a mystery in the Crewe story, this came from the Gater collection and is a definate plate from a Clan, it always intrigued me (and Peter) for a number of reasons, the plate is way bigger than the standard BR standard plate and is also considerably thicker at 5/16ths!! The BU & LT Letters of Built are BR Standard pattern but a smaller and much deeper letter 'I' has been used. The lettering in Crewe if examined closely has a BR standard letter 'C' but all the rest of the letters are as per the REWE in an LMS Built Crewe plate!!!! Also it can easily be seen that the date 1951 was added on a recessed rectangular plate not seen on other BR standard Crewe patterns. Did they decide on making another pattern or given the size was this their first attempt at a BR Standard pattern plate. Another feature is that the oval is perfect whereas the other BR standard pattern of plate has an imperfect oval in the north western portion of it. What is certain is that both this and the other BR standard pattern were in circulation at the same time, why two patterns who knows.
Basic dimensions in inches- 10 & 5/8ths X 6 & 1/16th (Hole Crs 8 & 3/4)
Pattern Rarity- Very rare, 1 seen, 1 other known.
Special Features- See Above.

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