Once again we see a well made plate which is well finished. The early plates are well moulded and cast as per the latter MR plates. As with the Rebuilt plate it is likely that the LMS simply modified the MR Fowler era Built pattern by taking out the MIDLAND RY letters and adding the LMS, they also repositioned the BUILT letters lower down to account for the bigger LMS, the actual MR drawings can still be seen for the plates. Again thickness is just over 3/16ths nominally. Bolt holes are cast in and either punched thru or cleaned up with a drill. This seems to have become the standard BUILT plate for Derby until they use of raised year lettering is dropped around 1930 in favour of engraving, though interestingly a batch of 1934 plates from Jubilees seem to get a cast year once more. Material mostly seems to be Brass but occasionally a Bronze version appears such as the 1928 in my own collection.

Size in inches- 10 & 3/8ths by 5 & 5/16ths (hole centres 8 & 3/4 typical)
Pattern Rarity- Very Common
Special Features- Retains most of the characteristics of the MR design of plate.

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