Around 1930 the LMS at derby moves away from the Built with year as raised letters to the type seen below, again I believe this to be a form of economy as vast quantities of the plain non year patter of Built could be easily cast and subsequently engraved with the year as required (however some Jubilees from 1934 get raised letter pattern plates with full years). This pattern is completely identical to the Built without any year, bolt holes are cast in as usual. Just a word on thickness with respect to this pattern, a good number of these have been seen at 1/4 inch thick and have been judged wrong, I have seen several like this and they are OK, the extra thicknesss is probably due to the method of moulding where sometimes the pattern bounces in the mould during ramming of the sand, this is why quite often plates are thicker in the middle or at one side etc. I think that is indicative of a loose pattern as against one mounted on a board. Cast in Brass only, iron or Bronze examples seen.

Size in inches- Usually 10 & 1/4 by 5 & 7/8ths OR 10 & 3/8ths by 5 & 7/8ths. (hole centres 8 & 3/4 typical)
Pattern Rarity- Very Common
Special Features- Depth and size of engraving can occur, type face consistant in all cases

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