Around 1944, the LMS at Derby moves away from Brass plates to Cast Iron, one presumes as a wartime economy, fellow works at Crewe and Horwich also do the same. However Derby ditches all previous MR styling of its plates retaining only the overall layout, size, the shape, the edge rim and the engraved year type face, Horwich follows suit producing a new pattern also in the same type face. Crewe however continues with the same standard Crewe pattern but also moves to iron circa 1944. Having said this the odd Brass LMS Built Derby plate to the old style gets cast but they are few and far between, mostly the new pattern is used always in Iron. The type face as selected is a common commercially available type called Type 45 Block Face, this being a popular choice in Iron casting as its easy taper and design allows for easy moulding in course Iron sand. This style is universally fitted to steam and diesel shunters. No rebuilt pattern has been seen in this style.

Size in inches- Usually 10 & 7/16ths by 6 (hole centres 8 & 3/4 typical), 1/4 inch thick.
Pattern Rarity- Common
Special Features- Block type foundry lettering, upside down S in LMS.

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