LMS BUILT DERBY 1944 (cowlairs replacement?)

This is a replacement plate in all probability manufactured by Cowlairs. It is totally out of keeping with any form of LMS styling and hence I do not believe it was made in an LMS works. The type face of LMS is suggestive of Cowlairs and the remaining letters are of a type common in foundry work generally, the year is however of Type 45 Block letters, note the upside down 1 in 1944. I am saying this is Cowlairs because I am advised that some LNER 9 x 5 plates have been seen that are Cowlairs castings but modified with a different builder on etc, where this inserted text has been added to the pattern it appears to have been mounted on a plate which when cast leaves appears as a strip behind the letters as can be clearly seen below. One interesting feature here is that the back plate of this pattern is totally LMS St Rollox style having the fault / bulge on the inside of the rim directly above the right hand bolt hole, did Cowlairs just borrow the back plate pattern from St Rollox.... again we will never know! The plate is in Cast Iron and in fine ex loco condition on the rear, the quality of casting is poor.
Size in inches- 10 & 3/8ths by 5 & 7/8ths (hole crs 8 & 3/4 approx, drilled & slotted), 1/4 inch thick.
Pattern Rarity- Unique, 1 known
Special Features- See Above

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