Around 1887 Johnson introduces his standard MR buildersplates, MAKERS, REBUILT and BOILER NEW. The MAKERS plates for the Johnson era have MR style lettering and are brass or on occasions Bronze, both materials have been seen in MR plates. They are rimmed oval approx 3/16th to a 1/4 inch thick depending on casting quality. These plates were the norm right up until the Fowler era in 1921. I must also add that these plates were quite often stamped with the loco number in the rear at the bottom. I also need to dismiss another myth also that these plates were fitted on machinery etc, simply not true! I have yet to see any evidence of this and have no idea where this came from.
These plates could have the last digit in the year cast on, soldered on or even riveted on. See the MR Rebuilt 1904 plate for details.

Basic dimensions in inches- 10 & 3/8 by 5 & 15/16th (hole centres 8 & 3/4 typical, 1 seen with 8 in centres ex MR Johnson 0-4-0ST)
Pattern Rarity- Not common, 3 seen, 2 brass, 1 bronze.
Special Features- Occasionally stamped with loco number on rear.

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