Around 1921 it is believed that Derby introduces a new builders plate dispensing with the word MAKERS which now becomes BUILT. REBUILT and BOILER NEW are retained but thus far the only eevidence of the latter two are in photos. This design of plate is fundamentally important for two reasons, firstly the old format of a rimmed oval remains with MR style letters but the Co is dropped and the whole pattern is modernised yet still remains essentially MR style. This re style will be fundamental to the look of all LMS plates going forwards as they will use the same style, MR letter but bear the legend LMS, I have included a picture below to show how the LMS rebuilt plate is basically the Midland Railway rebuilt with the LMS inserted and the word rebuilt repositioned slightly to accomodate that. Secondly there are screw marks on the rear of the pattern that have been picked up by the casting that tell us the letters on the late MR plates and LMS plates were very well made and not just a bunch of letters thrown on a plate!!! It is likely that the BUILT and BOILER NEW versions are justy as finely made and identical to the REBUILT in style. A fine plate on 3/16ths thick, well cast etc.
Size in inches- 10 & 1/2 by 6 & 1/16ths (hole centres 8 & 3/4 typical)
Pattern Rarity- Unique thus far, 1 known. 1 Built also known in private collection.
Special Features- Sets the style of all future LMS plates at all works

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