For many years there have been a number of plates which can only be described as somewhat, "different", many were thought to be dodgy!
They are LMS style plates and analysis of type faces and rim defects points to the vast majority being St.Rollox works replacements of either private builders plates or other LMS plates such as Derby and Crewe, the remainder probably being Cowlairs. There are two schools of thoughts on why these plates exist , some believe they replace lost plates others that St.Rollox routinely replaced them on privately built classes, I believe it's both but in the case of the latter I do not (having looked at 1000s of photo) believe they were simply 'replaced' everytime but 'added to' also in some cases as there are eamples of loco's carrying both say an LMS N B Loco plate and an original North British Plate.
The scope of these plates is vast with unseen versions coming out more and more in recent years even at auction. They are extremely interesting for their varied layouts and lettering and probably my favourite of the LMS plates. I will try and indicate which plates are St.Rollox or Cowlairs on each plate.
They are to be fair quite often badly lettered patterns, badly or roughly cast with very little attention given to finishing.The LMS Built letters are typical St Rollox in style, so given the rim defects that are common to these plates its obvious where the majority were made. The rest based letter style seem to be Cowlairs. Materials are usually Bronze, Sometimes Brass but occasionally Iron.

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